About us

Trapstar is a UK-based clothing brand that has been making waves in the fashion industry since 2005. Founded by Mikey, Lee, and Will, Trapstar started as a small underground brand with a cult following. Today, it has become a global phenomenon with fans all over the world.

Trapstar’s style is a blend of streetwear, high fashion, and punk rock. The brand’s signature design features the iconic red and white star, which symbolizes the rebellious spirit of the youth. From t-shirts to hoodies to accessories, Trapstar’s products are edgy, bold, and perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement.

But Trapstar is more than just a clothing brand. It’s a lifestyle. The brand’s ethos is all about breaking free from the norm and living life on your own terms. It’s about being unapologetically yourself and expressing your individuality through fashion.

At Trapstar, we believe that fashion should be inclusive, and we strive to create designs that cater to all shapes, sizes, and genders. We are committed to sustainability and ethical production, and we work with suppliers who share our values.

“At Trapstar London Clothing Brand, we offer a wide range of categories to cater to every style, including t-shirts, hoodies & sweatshirts, jackets & Tracksuit , PANTS, Shorts, and collections.”

Join the Trapstar movement today and be a part of the rebellion. Shop our latest collection online or visit one of our stores worldwide.